Taking the First Step, the Biggest Step of Them All

begin coffee imageNo matter what the journey may be, I think we all can agree taking that first step is the hardest part of it all. In my personal experience, in order to take the first step on our journey we need to do one specific thing, accept. Acceptance is being able to see situations and people for how they really are. The ability to accept what is has been one of my biggest struggles.

Often times I believe I am my own worse enemy. I “dream” of how I wish a situation would go or how I wish to see a particular person, eventually believing this imagination I’ve created. Not only am I creating this false reality for myself, but I am highly critical of my own actions and thoughts as well. It was not until I accepted what was truly there in my life I could begin making a change. Not only did I have to learn to accept the situations and people around me, but also learning to accept myself.

Acceptance does not mean liking what is there, but rather being aware that it is there. It is nearly impossible to change something we don’t see, so until we accept ourselves and the situations in our lives we cannot take that first step.

Beginning to Accept

Lessening expectations and judgements in each aspect of our lives we can accept what is there, and begin enjoying ourselves and everything in our lives. This is just the first step of any journey, and though it may seem hard; keep persevering, imaging your life with the changes. This is still a skill I struggle with, it takes practice and time to become innate in our lives, so keep on working. If you fall, get right back up and keep striving.

Wishing every one a very Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!


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