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Just Another Year: A Deeper Look Into New Year’s Resolutions

New Years Image

With 2018 quickly creeping upon us, many are planning their New Years Resolution. From losing weight to taking on a new hobby, I too have followed the crowd of others setting goals I wished to accomplish in the new year.

There seems to be an underlying pressure in our society to have some type of new year’s resolution.

But, what makes the “new year” such a motivation for people?

Let’s take a deeper look at “new year’s”. Now ask yourself this; how is new year’s day different then any of the other 364 days?

Okay, so a few numbers changed. Are those numbers really what motivated you to set the goal you set, or was it something deeper? I think you just found the answer to that question. It was a desire within you.

If this is a goal or dream we really wish to accomplish; why not do it today, why not now? The change in numbers will have no affect toward the outcome of your “resolution”, only YOU can make that impact.

Don’t wait to start your resolution, start it now. Here are a few tips to start your new year’s resolution now:

1. Write it down

Write down your goal and place it somewhere where you can look at it everyday; a nightstand, a mirror or refrigerator. This will be a constant reminder and motivator each and every day.

2. Tell Someone

Tell a close friend or family member your goal, this will keep you accountable and even supply you with a personal motivator.

3. Plan it Out

Now that you have a specific goal and have shared it with others, create a step by step plan for yourself. Breakdown your goal and create a plan on how you are going to accomplish this goal. Doing so will provide you with a nice step by step guide making your goal less overwhelming and easier to follow.

Now you have some basic steps to get you started, so go out and start your goal today no reason to wait for those few numbers to change.




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