Finding Happiness in 2017

Often times I get entangled and lost in the lows of life, and begin to dwell on these negative experiences. It may seem kind of ridiculous, but positivity is a skill I struggle with. It became a habit for me to sit and wallow in pity about the negative aspects of my life rather than embrace all I had to be happy and grateful for.

Yes, we are all going to have negative experiences, but we should not let these moments define our lives.

With 2017 coming to an end it seems like the perfect time to reflect on the events that made me happy and proud throughout the year.

The top events that brought me Happiness in 2017:

Acceptance to Graduate School

My year started with receiving an acceptance letter into graduate school for physical therapy. I worked hard putting my all into everything, earning myself a seat in the doctorate program. I was so hard on myself through my undergrad career, always thinking I could do better. In the end I earned my ticket into graduate school and this is an event I deserve to be proud of myself; not belittling my accomplishment.

Graduating College

Next came graduating college. I completed my undergraduate degree in three years and often times people think this extraordinary but once again I looked past it. Reflecting back now, this is one incredible accomplishment bringing a smile to my face. It took enormous amounts of hard work and dedication, and is an extraordinary achievement which I should be proud. Graduation 2017 Image

Finished First Half-Marathon 

13.1 miles later, I completed my first half marathon. This was a spontaneous decision of mine to sign-up, but with weeks of training and determination I ran to the finish line. It can now be crossed off the bucketlist.  Half Marathon Image.jpeg

Preakness Stakes

In 2017 I had the amazing opportunity to attend the Preakness Stakes. I have always been a huge fan of horse racing, and having the chance to experience one of the biggest horse races was a day to remember. I am so grateful for this experience in 2017, checking off another item on my bucketlist. Preakness Image.jpeg


The summer brought me to my internship at ACAC Fitness and Wellness. Before hand I dreaded the 480 hours I was required to complete, but by the end I was so thankful for the knowledge and experience I gained throughout my internship. I met wonderful people, networking and creating lifelong relationships. I am grateful to have been apart of the ACAC team.

Completing First Semester of Graduate School 

It was quite the transition from undergrad to grad school, taking me by surprise. It took time for me to figure out a new routine, and for anyone who knows me well; change is not something I am good at. By the end of the semester I excelled, finishing the semester as one of my best. I look forward to starting my coming semesters, coming one step closer to achieving my goal of becoming a physical therapist.

These are just a few of the many events bringing me happiness in 2017!

Reflect back on your 2017 and all the events which brought you happiness; I’m sure you will be shocked how long the list will be. Comment some of your proudest and happiest moments in 2017.

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