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The Power of Your Own Thoughts

Am I bothering them? Are they mad at me? Did I do something wrong? Am I good enough? Did I make the right decision? Can I fix it?

These are just a few of the thoughts racing continuously, nonstop through my mind. Leaving me anxious, paralyzed by my own thoughts. Overthinking the littlest ideas blowing them up into the biggest, scariest problem in my mind. In a never-ending state of worry.

With these thoughts on constant repeat in my mind, I begin believing them giving them life, making them reality. Second guessing every action and every thought, criticizing myself. Eventually generating problems that aren’t actually there.

The constant thinking and worrying drained me every day, leaving me mentally, physically and emotionally unwell. I was always tense and living in a world of regrets. This sucked the happiness and enjoyment from my life making daily tasks seem exhausting and overwhelming. Feeling as if I was unable to tame these thoughts, they became the one thing holding me back from living a life of happiness.

This is a battle I continue to fight, but I’d like to share some of the ways that have helped me tame the destructive thoughts and begin to find enjoyment in life again. 

Write Your Thoughts Down 

Writing my thoughts down was one tool I found exceptionally helpful. By putting my thoughts down on paper, put them in perspective showing me the falseness within them. Writing my thoughts down allowed for reflection, reminding me the next time these thoughts occur they are untrustworthy and I could demolish them sooner.

Journal Image

Take a Step Back

I was once asked the question, “Are there facts to back up your thoughts?”. Seems like a simple question, but it really made me think. When I begin to feel anxious and overwhelmed by my thoughts, I take a step back and ask my self this question. This brought my mind back to reality and the fantasy of my thoughts diminished.

Thinking Image

Distract Yourself 

This was the key for me. When I feel myself beginning to get worked up with racing thoughts, I shift my thoughts else where placing my focus on something other than my thoughts. It can be as simple as listening to music, reading a book, meditating, doodling or exercise (my favorite). Distracting my mind away from the toxic thoughts doesn’t allow them to escalate and take control.

Reading Image

Just a few simple changes made the biggest difference in my life, allowing me to see the good in life again. I hope they find you the same happiness, destroying those untrustworthy thoughts.

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