Love YOU

Love, everyone deserves it everyone needs it, but self-love is the true love.

Being able to love who you are and be happy for all you are and all you do is often very difficult for us. In today’s society many people are often searching for approval from others in order to find happiness, including myself. Whether it was school, relationships or everyday life I constantly sought out approval from others placing on a mask of happiness.

I always felt I needed someone else, family or friend to be proud of me for me to be proud of myself. I needed someone to tell me I was pretty for me to feel pretty. I needed someone else to be happy for me to happy, but I never was truly happy. I tried to be everything to everyone, but I found happiness does not depend on other people it comes from within.

It took me a long time to accept how much I was seeking approval from others, but that was the first step; acceptance. For me to make a change I needed to acknowledge and accept my insecurities.

I learned I needed to stop constantly worrying what other people thought and focus solely on what made me happy.

This has been a difficult change for me because seeking approval became habitual, and we all know habits can seem impossible to break. I know with time it will become easier, but for now I will continue focusing on myself and learning to love myself, flaws and all.

I’d love to hear some of your experiences and how you love yourself.

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