How to Love Yourself Again

I recently wrote a post on self-love and how this is a major struggle of mine. We need to accept, embrace and love ourselves, but to do so we must break down the walls we built against us opening the door to self-love. 

I wanted to follow up on my previous posting and provide you with some ways on how to begin loving yourself again.

Write Down the Things You Love About Yourself 

Each day write down something you love about yourself. I suggest keeping it in a journal or even a sticky note. When you are having a rough day and being hard on yourself you can reflect back on the journal or sticky notes, and they will be a reminder of how awesome you truly are.

Forgive Yourself

We are often hard on ourselves with everything we do in life. Being hard on yourself is not going to lead you on the path of love, but rather steer you away. Forgive yourself for the mistakes you’ve made in life, we are not perfect. Forgiving leads to accepting, opening the door for love of yourself including all your flaws.

Do Something Everyday That Makes You Happy

Life is too short to spend time on things that don’t bring us happiness. Be sure to do at least one thing a day that makes you happy. By doing something we care about we are caring for ourselves as well.

Focus on Your Story

Stop comparing yourself to everyone else in the world, be you. Focus on you; what you love and what makes you happy. Constantly comparing ourselves to others breaks us down concentrating on the negative. When we stop comparing and embrace who you are we begin to see the awesomeness within ourselves. Remember, you are the only person like you and cherish every piece of yourself.

Believe in Yourself

In order to make a change, you must believe in yourself. All things are possible you just have to put your heart, mind, and soul into it.

With time, practice and lots of patience with yourself you will begin to find love in yourself again. Surround yourself with things, thoughts, and people that help you love yourself. 

I would love to hear your insight on these ideas and if you have tried anything to help you love yourself again!

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