Make This Semester Your Best One Yet

The beginning of a new semester can be overwhelming, stressful and in many ways intimidating. A lot of anxiety surrounds a new set of courses; you have no idea what to expect or what is yet to come in the following weeks.

With each semester you eventually fall into the same routine, becoming monotonous. You quickly begin to feel burnt out, wondering how you are supposed to make it through the remainder of the semester. I am here to give you some tips and tricks to defeat that anxiety and make this your best semester yet.

Create a Month-by-Month CalendarScheduling Image

The beginning of a semester can seem hectic trying to organize classes while also attempting to fit in clubs, jobs or other activities into your busy schedule. If your a technology person there are plenty of scheduling apps that will allow you to put in all your important information and dates. I am old school though, I love the classic pen and paper so having a planner is what works best for me. Scheduling all your important activities and dates into one places keeps you on top of everything diminishing the anxiety of falling behind or forgetting something important.

Make Time for YourselfExercise Image

Over the course of the semester it is easy to get caught up in studying, writing essays and reading articles completely forgetting about yourself. I know this is my biggest struggle as a student. Make sure you take time each day to dedicate to yourself. Go to the gym, read a book, do something that you enjoy. It is ok to step away from schoolwork for a little while. It is important we take care of ourselves, otherwise we will burn ourselves out sucking the fun and enjoyment we could be having through out the semester.

Sleep, Sleep and More SleepSleep Image

Getting enough sleep is the key to a great semester. When you get adequate amount of sleep each night It leaves you feeling refreshed ready to take on the day to come. This is another area I struggle in. Try setting a “bedtime” each night and don’t allow yourself to touch school after that time. I guarantee you’ll appreciate that little extra sleep at night and even find it easier to focus and pay attention in class.

Attitude is EverythingPositivity Image

Everyday is not going to be the best day ever. There will be days when you will feel overwhelmed and defeated by school, but try to find a reason to smile through all of it. Learn to appreciate the small things throughout your day. Maybe it’s the big bowl of ice cream or the compliment someone gave  you or when your professor lets you out of class 2 minutes early that will make you smile, but hey at least you smiled. When you find reasons to smile over the little things, it will make the worse of days seem that much better.

With a few simple changes you can be on the road to your best semester yet and don’t forget to have a little fun a long with hard work.

Have you tried other strategies that helped you have a fantastic semester? I’d love to hear the tricks you have tried!

Wishing you all the best of luck this upcoming semester!


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