Living a Life with Anxiety

One may think I’m just an ordinary college girl. The girl that goes to class, to the gym, to the library to study or out with friends on the weekend. This is all true. Except there is one thing missing; anxiety.

On top of the every day tasks of a typical college student, anxiety is added to my daily routine.

Anxiety is different for everyone.

For me anxiety is being imprisoned by your own thoughts. Mind continually racing, feeling complete out of control. The sudden unexplainable feeling of being overwhelmed with everything around; every noise, every movement, every thought. The fear of what might happen next.

I could be having the greatest day, but in a blink of an eye that all could change thanks to anxiety.

Anxiety is something I have struggled with for as long as I can remember. Though, it was not until these last few years that I became aware of it. It took me a tremendous amount  of time to come to acceptance with the thoughts and feelings I was continually having.

It was not easy for me to accept the struggles that I was having with anxiety, and how my anxiety would never go away. Anxiety would be a battle I would fight for the rest of my life. This terrified me.

How can I live like this?

How can I be happy constantly battling my anxiety every day?

These were questions I must have asked myself a thousand times.

With time and a whole lot of practice, I found the acceptance I was searching for.

Anxiety is still a struggle for me today, but it does not have control. I have come a long way with managing my anxiety. With each day things become easier. Some days you’ll have set backs, but do not let those days define your progress.

I am Becca. I have anxiety. It is a part of who I am, but it does not define who I am. 

If you struggle with anxiety I’d love to hear your story. I know it is not easy speaking about anxiety, it makes you vulnerable, but I promise you are not the only one!


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