Why the Stigma Behind Valentine’s Day Needs to be Broken

For the past month or so, my social media has been swarming with post after post about Valentine’s Day. Anything from date ideas to gift ideas, article after article on relationships.

For as far back as I can remember there has always been a stigma associated with Valentine’s Day, a day to celebrate love with a significant other.

But, what does that mean? Couples can only show there love and appreciation for each other on this one day on the calendar? If you ask me, if you are in a serious relationship every day of the year should be Valentine’s Day. A holiday marked in a calendar should not be the reason to say, I love you.

Though, the true stigma behind Valentine’s Day is that you must have a significant other.

Our society puts out this persona that Valentine’s Day revolves around having a “date”, on this day you must only share love with a significant other.

Rather, it should be a day to spend with the people you love. Family, friends, and even yourself.

The day does not have to be centered on romantics. A simple gesture showing your appreciation for someone is all you need, this could mean the world to that individual.

Write a card for a family member, have a dinner party with your friends or have a spa day for yourself.

No one should be in a slump on Valentine’s Day because they do not have a significant other. There are plenty of people out there who love you! Even yourself!

Buy yourself some flowers or chocolate and show your self some love and appreciation! You deserve it!

Don’t let the Valentine’s Day blues get to you. Make this a day to celebrate love and appreciation for everyone in your life. There is no need to continue cultivating this stigma. Let’s break it, making it a day of love no matter who you spend it with!

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