How Gratitude Can Change Your Life

I have always been one to absorb my self in the negatives occurring throughout my day to day life. Always complaining. Always being the “Debbie Downer”.  Nothing was ever good enough, I searched for the one thing wrong in every scenario. It was difficult not to get sucked up by the little things in each day, especially with the negative influence the world constantly portrays to us, through social media, the news and even the people we interact with day to day.

As a young girl I have memories of every adult; teacher, parent or friend saying “you should be thankful for everything you have, not everyone is as fortunate”.

Now as a youngin’ I did not think much of this statement. It went in one ear, out the other. Though, I wish I had discovered the value in this statement sooner.

Surrounded by a negative world, we ultimately have a choice each day:

Do I want to cater to the negatives or the positives each day?

One negative thing would happen in my day, and my mind would become centered around that one small thing, all the while positives were happening all around me which I became blind to.

I became absorbed in the negativity, beating myself up over one bad thing. I had to retrain myself to enjoy the gifts in my life I have to be grateful for.

One way that made this easier for me was keeping a gratitude journal.

Each day I journal about my day, writing about the things that made me happy throughout the day. Sometimes it can be the most simple thing. Taking this time to reflect on my day allowed me to forget about the busy world around me. The only thing on my mind are the things throughout my day which made me happy.

Reflecting and writing these things down opened my eyes to things that I did not notice before. I discovered things that made me happy, holding on to that moment and appreciated it’s presence.

Even on the worse of days, I still try to make time to find the good and all I have to be grateful for. In turn, this made me appreciate the “bad” days, finding the good and turning my day into a positive one.

Now every day I find aspects throughout my day to be grateful for. It is never material things; money, clothes, house or food but rather the simpler things. The things that are truly priceless; a smile, noticing the beautiful weather or helping someone and seeing them grow.

Take time each day to acknowledge the the things you are grateful for. Gratitude became the key to finding happiness for me.

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