22 Things To Do When You Turn 22

With my 22nd Birthday around the corner I started to ponder the significance in turning 22. 16 brought the excitement of being able to drive. 18 the world considers you an ‘adult’. Then, the big 21, you are final legal. But what does 22 bring you? 

Finding no answer to that question I came up with a list of 22 things you should do when you turn 22…

1. Read MORE!Read More

Whether it be an article, a book, a magazine or a blog; just do some more reading. Reading expands your imagination and broadens your intelligence. Now go pick up a book.

2. Delete people on your social mediaSocial Media.jpg

Haven’t talked to that person since high school, middle school, kindergarten? Yeah I think it might be time to filter your connections on social media. Keep the important people, the people who you want to keep in touch with and who have an impact in your life. Time to declutter that social of yours.

3. Learn to CookCooking

Mom, Dad or your roommates doing all the cooking for you? Why not ask them to teach you some skills, you might even find a new hobby out of it because lets me honest who doesn’t love a good cooked meal!

4. Take up a new Hobby

Hey maybe cooking became your new hobby, but if that wasn’t the case their are plenty more out there. Try writing, drawing, learn a new instrument or new language the possibilities are endless.

5. Learn to forgive, forget and move-on. 

Still mad at the person who stole your crayon in art class? Try forgiving them and moving on. Forgiving brings us peace and the ability to move forward in life. Allow yourself to let go of the things that happened in the past and focus on the here and now.

6. Stop Procrastinating!

Is there that one thing you are constantly pushing off to the side? Stop procrastinating what ever it may be. Now is the time to take on that task and check it off.

7. Go on AdventuresProcessed with VSCO with a6 preset

Adventures are not just for little kids they’re for adults too.  Be sure to go explore new places, make it spontaneous or plan it out. Bring out the child in you and go exploring!

8. Hold on to the Relationships that Matter

It’s easy to become distant from people in our busy lives, but be sure to make time to keep the relationships that matter most to you. Go to lunch with your best friend, call your mom, let someone know you are thinking of them. Don’t lose touch with the people you care about still be sure to make time for those special people.

9. Give Back

Give back to the community! volunteer at a local event or charity, donate blood, or help out someone in need. The more we give, the happier we feel.

10. Take Care of Yourselfself care

This should be the number one item on this list. No matter what be sure you are taking time for yourself. Eat healthy, exercise daily and sleep more.

11. Find a Job you LoveBusiness man in suit ready for meeting

No one wants to spend the rest of there life in a career that makes them unhappy, so start early and find that career path you are most passionate about.

12. Embrace Growing Up Growing Up

Sometimes I look back and wish I was 5 years old again, when there were no responsibilities and no cares on your mind; you were just a free spirit. But why let age stop you. Embrace getting older and all that comes with it. Never lose that free spirit no what age you are turning.

13. Learn How to be Financially IndependentPiggy bank

As we get older the list of responsibilities gets longer, financials being one of them. Learn how to be your best financial supporter and create the plan for your future, 22 is the perfect age to start!

14. Taxes- Do you know how to do them?

No? That’s okay, me either, though 22 seems like a good year to finally learn how to do them on my own. Shout out to my Mom for always getting them done for me!

15. Learn from your PastPast

“The past is where you learned the lesson, the future is where you apply the lesson.” Don’t dwell in the events that happened in the past, taking them as lessons learned transforming you into the person you are today.

16. Try Something New

Try a new food, a new skill, a new place. Go and do something you have never done before!

17. Tackle your Biggest Fear

Whatever your fear may be, big or small, tackle it! Don’t let any fear stop you in life.

18. Host a Classy PartyHost a Party

Because what is more fun then hosting a party with delicious food, a nice bottle of wine and your closest friend. I guarantee it’ll be a night you and your friends will enjoy!

19. Value Family Timefamily

Family is such an important aspect in our lives. Be sure to value every second you have with them!  Make a little extra time for them throughout the week, even a simple phone call is all you need!

20. Start a “Dream Jar”dream jar

Are you always wondering what to do with all the change in your pockets? Start a dream jar. Place all your extra change in a jar and save up for something special you’ve been dreaming to do.

21. Meet New People

Sometimes meeting new people can be intimidating, but I encourage you to go out and get to know someone new. You never know who you may meet.

22. HAVE FUNhave fun

This might be the most important thing on the list. Be sure to have fun. Just because you are another year older does not mean you have to stop having fun. What ever it is you are doing make sure it is the best time you are having!

No matter what age you are turning, I encourage you all to tackle some of the tasks on the list. Age is just a number. It should never stop us from living the life we wish to have for ourselves!

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