Life is a Never Ending Journey of Crossroads

Often times we find ourselves standing at a major crossroad where we have to make an important choice.

Which way do you go? We must make a decision, yet we remain in the middle of the road.

It is at these junctions we need to make important decisions on matters that could have lasting consequences and effects on our journey through life.

Now I’m not talking simple decisions but rather the life altering ones.

These choices can lead to enormous amounts of anxiety and restless nights because the decision is not black and white. Numerous options, none clear cut and none reassuring our happiness. Tormented by the inner battle, we stay stuck standing still.

What if I make the wrong choice?

With thoughts racing endlessly through our mind the fear of making the wrong choice begins to consume us. Rather than face this fear head on, we take the simpler path.

Though, this “simple” path is not so simple.

In the end, we make mindless decisions without much thought or we stay stuck in a situation that brings us no fulfillment.

When we come to these crossroads in life we must learn to face the fear head on. Take a step away from your comfort zone and not on the “simple” path, giving in to our fears.

Our life path is ultimately shaped by the decisions we make.

Though, the decisions we make at these crossroads are beyond logic and reason. The choice must come from a deeper place within us; a place where we let go of those racing thoughts and fears.

A place where you follow your heart, even if you do not know what your heart is telling you.

We want to take control, we want to have a definite answer on what the “right” decision is. Though, we must learn to accept uncertainty. Take a deep breath and consider the endless possibilities of what could be.

“When you aren’t sure what to do, be sure of what you are doing.”

You may not know now what the best decision is, but you do know what is best for you in this very moment and that is what you need to be sure of. All else will come to you in time.

Decisions can be hard to make especially if they impact our future in any way. Remember to be honest with yourself, do not get stuck in self doubt and trust your instincts.

The next time you are at a crossroads in life take a deep breath, and tap deeper within yourself.

Listen to your heart. It will never fail you.

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