Learn to Let Down Your Guard and Face Your Fears

As time goes on we slowly build ourselves a wall protecting us from what we fear most.

We get hurt or let down time and time again. Building ourselves a shield to protect us. Afraid of being hurt again we refuse to let that guard down.

What are we protecting ourselves from?

– Fear of rejection

– Fear of failure

– Fear of being ridiculed

– Fear of being wrong

– Fear of committing ourselves and then having to follow through

– Fear of being hurt, taken advantage of

These fears are normal, but by putting up this guard, are we actually protecting ourselves?

No. When we put up our guard we miss out on so many opportunities. We live in the mindset that something is going to be taken from us, emotionally or physically. With our guard up we feel as though we are in control, enduring fear on a daily basis.

This is exhausting and draining. We can’t follow our hearts because we are afraid of what will happen. Limiting ourselves from our full potential as we stay trapped behind our guard.

We avoid conversations because we think the other person has no interest. We don’t show how much we care for someone because we are afraid they won’t love us back. We don’t apply for that job because we think we are not good enough.

No one likes to feel exposed and learning to feel vulnerable seems damn near impossible.

But, consciously choosing to stay open and trusting your world can change everything for the better.

We should not let experiences and opportunities pass us by because we are afraid of letting down our guard. We should not let past experiences allow us to believe it is not okay to trust again either.

In order to feel comfortable being vulnerable and trusting we must learn to trust ourselves and our abilities. We are a whole lot stronger then we let ourselves believe.

We are not weak to admit our own fears to ourselves. It is better to admit our fears and begin to face them, then stay locked behind our guards continuing to watch opportunities pass us by.

Sometimes we have to look those fears in the eye and let down our guards.

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