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Life’s Most Meaningful Lesson

Hi everyone, I know it has been quite some time since you have heard from me. Life gets in the way sometimes, but these times can be very useful for life and self-reflection.

During my hiatus, I’ve  learned a very important lesson in life, one I think is life’s most meaningful lessons.

Learning to love and be loved. 

Relationships are a natural part of life, and with relationships comes the factor of love.

Love is the heart of life.

Love can be between; parent and child, brother and sister, husband and wife or even two friends.

Though in more ways than not we complicate love, making it an every day hassle and struggle.

Finding true love is a difficult thing to come by in life.

So, why is it that when we find this rarity we push it away?

I am someone who averts compliments or any acts of kindness to me. The idea of accepting love from others has always been a difficult concept.

Everyone longs for people to care and love them, and here I am with it right in front of me, pushing it away.

I felt as though I did not deserve the love I am receiving. 

Being resentful of myself and believing I did not deserve love not only made it difficult to accept the love others were giving me, but made it nearly impossible for me to be able to reciprocate love to others.

This first step was learning to love myself, not just for my strengths but for the things that left me vulnerable. Being authentic and loving my entire self.

Next is learning to accept compliments from others and realizing how fortunate I am to have people around me to say and do nice things for me. It’s amazing the impact accepting a simple compliment can have. With acceptance comes gratitude. Be grateful for other’s generosity and all life has to offer.

Accepting love still is not easy for me, but is something I strive to work on each day. I encourage everyone to show their love to those they care for in their lives. Love is crucial part of our lives, something many yearn for.

When you are being loved, you should accept that love and reciprocate the true feelings you have.

I have not perfected this skill, but I truly believe that learning to accept love and reciprocate it, is such an important factor in finding fulfillment in life.

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