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Love Yourself, Accept Yourself, & Forgive Yourself

Forgiveness. Freeing ourselves from the feeling of anger and resentment towards a person, finding peace with the situation regardless of what they have done.

We look at forgiveness as if it is a noble deed, in which we deserve an honorable medal each time we carry out this deed.

We all know forgiveness is good a thing, and we are taught from a very early age to forgive others. Letting go of the bitterness and anger we hold on to against others.

Yes, forgiving others is great and necessary for healthy relationships with others, but what about forgiving yourself?

Recently I had gone through a break up. It was a pretty long term relationship. Nothing bad had happened between us, we just grew apart. We had different outlooks on life.

We had started dating in high school, 6 years later we’re now adults in the real world. We tried incredibly hard to make things work between the two of us, but something still just wasn’t right.

Though this person wanted to keep on trying to make our relationship work, I knew in my gut it was time to turn the page and start a new chapter in my life.

Break ups are never easy, even when you know it is the best decision for yourself. We don’t wish heartbreak on others, but sometimes in life our feelings just change; our heart changes.

After the break up I felt guilty, beating myself up over my own decision. Unleashing my inner critic, punishing myself for my previous actions.

Here, I needed to learn to forgive myself and stop beating myself up for making the decision best for me.

I needed to realize, there is no way I can please everyone in the world. Sometimes life requires us to be selfish at times, and unfortunately this means we will hurt someone in our lifetime, even though it is far from our true intention.

I learned I only have one heart and soul unable to love everyone the same way they love me, and this is ok. I learned I need to find forgiveness in myself. No, it is not an easy thing to do probably one of the hardest tasks for me to conquer thus far in life.

We are not perfect, we make mistakes. We make choices which may hurt those around us even if it’s not our intention.

Making these mistakes teaches us to be more insightful, making better choices in the future. Though we still need to learn to forgive ourselves when we do mess up and do hurt those around us.

Life is perfectly imperfect just as we are. Acknowledge your mistakes, for everything is forgivable. 

3 thoughts on “Love Yourself, Accept Yourself, & Forgive Yourself”

  1. This post is truly inspirational! As someone who has always had trouble with forgiveness (myself and others), I really like your take on this subject.

    Liked by 1 person

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