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The Truth About Making Mistakes

“Nothing that I was before, determines who I am now or who I am becoming”

After coming across and reading this quote, it lingered over me for quite some time. This quote could not have found me at a better time, and I wanted to share with you today the importance this quote had in my life this past week.

We all make mistakes, right? At least this is what we are always reminded when things go wrong. But,do these mistakes hinder you? Leaving you feeling insecure or discouraged or that you are not good enough.

These are intense emotions, and they are emotions I experience each time I make a mistake; big or small.

We are perfectly imperfect and mistakes are a natural part of life. It is through these mistakes we are able to grow as individuals. The mistakes we do make do not define who we are or who we are becoming.

This quote reminded me that.

When you catch yourself wallowing in a mistake you have made, remember it is in the past. The important part is that you have a learned from it, helping yourself to grow in the future.

Being able to thrive and grow from your mistakes is what determines who you are and who you will become, not the mistake itself.

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