Why Being a Daddy’s Little Girl is One of the Most Special Things is life

Hi everyone! I hope you all are enjoying the lovely sunshine lately, cause I know I sure am!

With it being Father’s Day weekend I wanted to take the time to recognize my dad and how incredibly lucky I am to be a Daddy’s Little Girl! Dads are pretty awesome, but when you are a daddy’s little girl you know it’s an extraordinary bond! So here are some reasons I am so lucky to be a Daddy’s little girl:

You Always Have a Best Friend

Yes, we have friends and other family members but do they truly understand you? Dad does though. Through every bump in life, dad is always there no matter what. He supports you through every achievement and every mistake in life no matter the circumstances, and that is true friendship.

You Experienced a Pretty Awesome Childhood

If dad went, you went. From the grocery store to wilderness adventures, it was always a daddy daughter event. My dad taught me to never miss a moment in life, and make each moment count cause you can find fun in any situation.

You Have an Awesome Nickname No One Else Can Call You

Mine, Little Lady. From the day I was born that became my name, not Becca. But the best part about it, is that no one else can use it, it’s a daddy-daughter thing. That’s what makes it so special.

You Have the Biggest Fan Section

From every gymnastics meet to college graduation he was there cheering me on. Even the smallest accomplishment was recognized as an incredible achievement. He is always proud of you, even when you think your undeserving of it!

His Hugs Could Cure Anything

Every hug has a magical essence to it. From “I’ve missed you” hugs to “just because” hugs they all seem to cure the heart and the world is at peace for those few seconds. The world suddenly stops when your in your dad’s arms.

You Have an Adventure Buddy for Life

This is by the far the best my favorite attribute of being a daddy’s little girl. From a very early age my showed me the great outdoors and the incredible things the world has to offer. There is nothing more special then getting lost in the woods or traveling to new places with that one person you call, DAD!

When people say that nothing lasts forever, they are wrong. A father-daughter bond is unbreakable. Whether you are 3 or 93 you will always have that special connection with your dad and be a daddy’s little girl.

Happy Father’s Day to all the dad’s and a special shoutout to my dad for being the best dad he could be and giving me the ability to be a daddy’s little girl!

P.S. shout out to my mom as well cause she’s awesome too!

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