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New Creative Idea to Organize your Life

If you are someone who struggles to stay on top of things, your schedule is all over the place and you find yourself stressed and overwhelmed. Then this is the perfect post for you!

That was me at one point in time. Between school, work and everything else I was constantly finding myself overwhelmed and drowning in endless sticky notes and to-do lists.

I’ve tried many different techniques from color-coded planners to organization apps, yet I still felt consumed by life’s tasks. I kept seeing this concept of a “bullet journal“. It was a trendy new system, which repeatedly appeared on my Pinterest. After little success with other approaches, I decided to try something new.

The bullet journal system is super easy and its’s fun, but you are probably wondering what in the world it actually is.

In the most simplistic way a bullet journal is a note-taking/list making/planning technique that you can customize to your needs. Now that you know what it is here is how to start one and begin organizing your life!

How to Start a Bullet Journal

You will need a few supplies to start. The most important, a journal! I got a gridded journal from Michael’s, but any journal will work. Next you’ll need some pens. (I enjoy a wide array of colors for color-coding) My all time favorite to use are Tombow Dual Brush Pens. (You can also find these at Michael’s)

Now that you have all you supplies it’s time to start!

Bullet Journal Basics

This is where it is all up to you and what you need! For me I like to do a monthly spread. From there I have a variety of page layouts for that month. If it fits you better, you can do weekly layouts as well. On these pages you can create to-do lists, weekly/monthly budgets, appointments, pretty much anything you like!

Another page suggestion which has really helped me, is a habit tracker. I like to set up mine by month and track them for each day of the month. On this page I list various “habits” I want to track to hold myself accountable. These “habits” can be anything from keeping track of your water each day to tracking your cleaning routine. This is a great tool to use to keep of those little tasks which get lost in other piles of to-dos.

Here is an example of a Habit Tracker which I found on Pinterest.

Each page in your bullet journal can be a simple or intricate as you’d like. There are no artistic skills required, remember this journal is only for you!

Here are some other page ideas to get you started to a more organized life:

  • Weekly/Monthly To Do
  • Doctors Appointment Tracker
  • Username/Passwords Lists for accounts
  • Weekly/Monthly Budget
  • Birthdays
  • Upcoming Events
  • Exercise Log
  • Food Log or Weekly Menu

Some other page ideas that I like to add for fun are:

  • Books to Read
  • Movies to Watch
  • Travel Wishlist (probably my favorite)
  • Gratitude Log
  • Mood Tracker
  • Favorite Memories from each Month
  • Bucket List

This journal is everything you want it to be, your pages reflect what you need and what you want in life!

This system was a life saver for me! It not only help me to organize my life from the little things like weekly dinner menus to the more significant tasks like managing school assignments, but it became a great creative outlet for me as well. It developed me from a stressed out student to an organized blogger and young girl just enjoying life!

If it weren’t for the bullet journal system I’d probably be flustering in piles of sticky notes still. So, if you’ve been searching for the right organization method for you, look no further! Grab your journal and start your bullet journal today to start working towards your goals with productivity and creativity!

Looking for more bullet journal inspiration check out my Pinterest.

4 thoughts on “New Creative Idea to Organize your Life”

  1. I’ve been bullet journaling for nearly two years now and I really love the concept! It’s such a neat way to accumulate every part of one’s life in a little notebook. Thank you for the page ideas, I particularly like the Monthly Memories spread!

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