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Fall in Love with Mornings

Hi again everyone! So, I have been asked the same question by many people recently, and I thought it might be something many of you would like to hear the answer to!

“How are you a morning person?” 

I am the girl who wakes up at 5am every day, heads to the gym to start the day, before heading to class. No, I was not always a morning person. There was a time when you would probably still find in bed, sleeping away at 10 or 11 in the morning, which is typical for any 22 year old in college. Then, I found my love for mornings.

Mornings are what set the tone for the remainder of our day. Anyone can become a morning person and love it. It’s about finding that one important thing which makes you want to jump out of bed every morning and “seize the day”!

Becoming a morning person is not the easiest goal to achieve, because let’s be real there are always days where we could all use the snooze button a few extra times.

We all have different schedules; whether we work at home, work in the office, are a full time student, or are sending others off to work or school, mornings can become highly demanding even before we are fully awake. Making them stressful and dreadful, so we keep hitting snooze, cramming our mornings more and more.

But mornings don’t have to be as terrifying as we make them, so here are a few tips to becoming a morning person and loving it: 

Tip #1: Take a look at your current mornings.

Think about how you currently feel every morning. Now, think about how you would like to feel every morning. What are those emotions? Calm? Energized? Motivated? Productive? Whatever that emotion may be, you can achieve it!

What activities can you change or add to foster those emotions? Becoming a morning person does not always mean you have to wake up earlier, it’s about making them simpler, but also making the most out of them.

Tip #2: Start with doing one thing you love.

Whether it’s enjoying a cup of coffee, reading a book, or just relaxing admiring the quiet hours of the morning. Waking up a few extra minutes each morning to spend time doing something you love can be a great mood booster to your day!

For me, it’s the gym. The first thing I do every morning to start my day is head to the gym, because it is something I love to do. It’s the one thing that makes me want to jump out of bed every morning.

Start your morning off with something you love, this can help motivate you to get your butt up and moving each day.

Tip #3: Make your mornings about you.

This is my favorite part about mornings. My days can become crazy and hectic quite quickly, making it difficult to schedule in any “me time”. This is why I put it in to my morning, and I know I am guaranteed some quality alone time. For me it is a nice ease into my day and always starts my day on a positive note!

Schedule in some time for yourself each morning preparing yourself for the day ahead!

Tip #4: Plan the night before. 

I think this is truly the key to eliminating the stress from mornings! If your some one who is already stressed about the morning before you have even gone to sleep, this might be the tip for you!

If you know you have a lot to do the following day, it might help to spend some time the night before preparing. Try to do things in advance to lessen the load of the day to follow. This may be gathering and packing your things, preparing lunch, or planning your schedule for the next day. Even eliminating one task from the morning might help to make it a little less stressful.

Tip #5: Create a routine. 

As humans we are definitely creatures of habit. Creating a routine and maintaining it will eventually lead to a habit, and waking up loving mornings will be natural.

Yes, sometimes we need the extra sleep or life just gets in the way, and that is okay! Tomorrow is a new day for you to get back into the routine again!

The Bottom Line: Use your mornings well and love doing so!

The biggest challenge is the beginning, but once you begin to shift your schedule, you’ll find intention and productivity in your mornings, hopefully finding the same love I have for mornings!

So whether you need some extra alone time, time to prepare yourself, time to pursue a personal goal or plan the day ahead, I hope you fall in love with mornings too!

3 thoughts on “Fall in Love with Mornings”

  1. I love this. I used to be a morning person. Then I had so much energy. You are right starting your day with something you love makes the day much better. If one has the ability to get up during nice quiet moments the world feels perfect and at peace. I love it. I need to become a morning person again. Thank you for these tips. Planning a creating a routine is key.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you and I am so glad you found insight in my post! I hope you find these tips useful in becoming a morning person again! Best of luck!


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