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Hey There, Lonely One

Have you ever been at a gathering, surrounded by dozens of friends or family and yet you still felt completely alone?

This is a frequent experience for me. I recently was in a conversation with some one recently about this. They did not understand how one could feel such a way when they are bordered by plenty of people who love and care about them.

It is a difficult situation to try and explain to someone. You try to brush of the feeling and enjoy the company, but you still feel alone, isolated, stranded.

I want you all to know if this is something you have also experience, you are not alone.

It is not an easy emotion to cope with. I know I have friends and family who care deeply about me, but the feeling of loneliness trumps all.

One of the biggest reasons I started this blog was to combat loneliness. My blog provided me with an outlet to direct my energy and connect with all of you on my journey. Keeping busy is a huge key to overcoming loneliness. Now blogging isn’t the only way I combat loneliness. By giving yourself things to look forward to, it keeps your mind from wandering back to that lonely state. Create projects or make future plans, give yourself something to focus on working towards.

Being honest is the next major strike in battling loneliness. I have found it incredibly important to reach out to individuals in my life and communicate with them what I am feeling. Not everyone will understand you, like in my situation earlier, but it is important to remind yourself that it is okay to feel the way you do, but it’s also crucial to inform your friends and family so they can also support you and be there for you!

Being alone does not have to be a scary thing either. Embracing alone time is just as important as bonding with others. For me this was the hardest step. It took me lots and lots of time and confidence til I gained the comfort to be alone. It is crucial to not always associate alone as a “negative” feeing. Let’s be honest, it’s something we all feel at one point or another. Spending quality time with yourself to breathe and reconnect is no less important. For me, this took lots of reassurance in myself, even though I was alone it was what my soul needed to heal and grow.

Loneliness is something we all experience. You are not alone. Never forget about all the people around you who love and care about you. Learning how to cope with these feelings when they arise really improved my quality of life and kept me towards a positive journey in life.

I hope hearing my experience and tips helps you along your journey. Please comment or message me your experience with loneliness, I’d love to hear your journey!

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