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Care-Free Childhood to Anxious Adulthood

When I look back on my childhood growing up, I picture this little girl lost within her own little world. Zero worries or cares, nothing could stop her or bring her down.

I was one of the most free spirited kids I’ve ever known. I was a happy go lucky girl who wondered and played each and every day. I never thought about what someone else was thinking of me, I just did my own little thing with not a care in the world. I had an imagination as wide as the ocean. There was nothing in the world that could stand in little Becca’s way.IMG_3393

Now I wonder where that Becca, who loved playing in the sand went. How could a person go from a care-free childhood to an anxiety driven adulthood.

From the endless stress and pressure of college to the countless responsibilities of being adult; I find those care-free aspects of my childhood slip away. I often catch myself worried, wondering what others may think of me in various aspects. But really, why does it matter what they think?

Why can’t these childhood characteristics stick with us through our lives?

I think they can, and that is my goal. I want to bring back those characteristics of little Becca and incorporate them into the new Becca’s life!

The things we loved as children can still be things we love as adults and I can still be the care-free Becca I was as a child. Okay, maybe I can’t sit and play with Barbie’s for endless hours, but that does not mean I can not do other things with the same mind set I had as a kid. We all have the responsibilities and stresses attached with adulthood,  but that should not dim our happiness in life.

Who says we can’ be an adult and still have a happy go lucky, care free attitude in life. There will be no more things standing in the way of adult Becca’s life.

If you’ve learned how to incorporate your childhood back into your life, I would love to hear all about your journey! Feel free to comment below or send me a message!

Best Wishes!


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