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Exploring California: Point Reyes to Petaluma

Hello again! I hope you all enjoyed reading Exploring California: Hidden Gems of San Francisco, but I really hope you learned something new and interesting from it!

For our second day as family out on the west coast we decided to take a little adventure away from the city, Point Reyes National Seashore.

Point Reyes is known for it’s expansive terrain of varying types. From expansive beaches to open grassy headlands. It has every landscape one would wish to see, making it an ideal stop for my family and I.

Our first adventure in Point Reyes was a hike to a place known as Chimney Rocks. It was an adventure in itself on our drive to the trail head as I experienced car sickness for my first time. Despite feeling ill, the drive is quite scenic. Farmland covers the ground for miles around you, you can spot a cow in every direction the sights over-rid the car sickness!

It was a short hike out to Chimney Rocks, with many places to stop and admire the views along the way. Similar to our days prior, we experienced extensive fog and wind out on the point. Though we took advantage of our time there and enjoyed what we could while we were there!

Even with the fog and wind, it was surprisingly beautiful to stand at the point looking out into the Pacific Ocean. Cliffs dropping off on either side, while waves break along the rocks beneath you. It is a truly spectacular places and well worth the short hike out to!

Now, we only spent a short time out at the point being it was so cold, but with some gorgeous weather it’d be a great place to relax, listen to the ocean and just enjoy the peace of nature.

Next stop, the Marin French Cheese Company! They are the longest continually operating cheese company in the United States, making this a must see! Plus, who doesn’t enjoy cheese?

We tasted a wide variety of their cheeses while there and even bought ourselves a wheel of Brie to enjoy over the remainder of our trip. I love tasting different cheeses and learning what goes into making each type of cheese, it is truly fascinating!

To continue our cheese adventure we headed to the Petaluma Creamery, where we enjoyed some delicious grilled cheese sandwiches for lunch!

Rather than stay within the city of San Fran, we stayed in a town known as Petaluma about an hour north of the city! With the remainder of our day we decided to explore this cute little town.

It is such a neat experience to visit other towns and get a taste of their culture. Sometimes I find myself locked into my own culture back home, but it’s amazing when you open your eyes and see the differences amongst our own country. There is so much more out there in the world then town in which we call home!

We walked up and down the streets venturing into various stores and shops. Along our walk we came across the cutest little ice cream parlor. Of course we had to stop for a scoop!

Lala’s Creamery was a hot spot in town and I definitely understood why after devouring my bowl of ice cream (cookie dough of course)! Lala’s makes everything from scratch from the ice cream to the waffle cone; using high quality all natural ingredients which are locally sourced and organic. This makes Lala’s a little extra special! Definitely recommend stopping in for a sweet treat if you ever visit the area!

Heading back to our hotel for the night, we called it an early evening. We relaxed with a soothing glass of wine accompanied by our delicious Brie we purchased earlier in the day! It was a great way to end a great day!

Look out for my next post as the adventure through California continues! You’ll have to wait and see where we ended up next!

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