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Exploring California: Everything Happens for a Riesling

Hi everyone! I hope you all enjoyed reading about John Muir and our adventure as tourists through downtown San Francisco!  If you have not checked it out yet, here’s the link Exploring California: Following the Footsteps of John Muir.

We ventured into the beautiful, sunny wine country of Sonoma & Napa Valley next on our journey! This was one of my favorite days throughout our entire trip, plus it was my very first wine tasting experience!

Ravenswood Winery

Our first winery of the day was Ravenswood Winery. What better way to start off your morning than with a refreshing glass of wine?

If you are ever traveling in the Sonoma Valley, I highly recommend checking out this winery. It is set back, away from town deep in the valley, making it the perfect location to enjoy a peaceful glass of wine.

We had scheduled a tour for that morning, and we lucked out having a small group with only one other couple along with us. Our tour guide, Pete was absolutely phenomenal. He brought character and fun throughout our tour of the winery, keeping me intrigued and wanting to learn more!

As we walked through the vineyards, we tasted various wines once we reached the grapes in the vineyard which made that wine. I had very little prior knowledge on wine making before our trip, but after this experience I gained an exuberant amount of knowledge on the process of creating a deliciously tasting wine. I had no idea the amount of work that went into creating the glass of wine we were enjoying.

One fact I found interesting about Ravenswood is how they are an organic winery, and use no chemicals in their vineyards, only the goodness of nature which I greatly appreciate.

To conclude our wine tour, we had the amazing opportunity to taste wine straight from the barrel. The wine we tasted had been sitting for just about a year in the barrel. I thought it was so neat to taste this wine, the flavor was rich and unique! I mean how often can one say they’ve tasted wine straight from the barrel?

Gott’s Roadside

After all the wine we had that morning, we were in need of some delicious food! We stopped at a place called Gott’s Roadside on our way to Napa Valley. It is an old fashion outdoor road-side stand. It’s a popular place to stop and grab a bite to eat, and now I understand why! There food was delicious and exactly what we needed before heading on to our next winery of the day!

Sterling Vineyards

Our next and last vineyard of the day was over the mountain into Napa Valley. Sterling Vineyards was a totally different experience from our earlier winery.

We took a gondola ride about the mountain to the vineyards. This was a neat experience as we could see out into the valley over the rows and rows of vineyards. Compared to Ravenswood, Sterling has a self guided tour through their factory. As we walked along the tour, there were various stopping points to taste differing wines!

My dad is such a goofball, making my mom and I laugh on the gondola ride!

At the end of the tour they have a beautiful veranda set up, with a gorgeous view over the valley. We relaxed enjoying the view and our last glass of wine.

We ended our day early again, saving time to relax at the hotel before calling it a day! Our day to follow had a bright and early start as we head back into San Francisco exploring the historic Alcatraz Island!

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