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Exploring California: Alcatraz Island

Hello again! I really hope you enjoyed reading about our time in Napa Valley and I hope you all have the opportunity to visit as well! If you didn’t get the chance to check it out head to; Exploring California: Everything Happens for a Riesling !

This is was our last day exploring California. The first stop on our final adventure was Alcatraz Island. This was one of my favorite experiences throughout our time in San Francisco! If you are ever visiting the city this is a MUST see!

The amount of history about Alcatraz Island is infinite. The island was the site of the first lighthouse and United States built fort on the west coast, the infamous federal penitentiary, and a brief home by various Indian tribes.

The National Parks Service offers a phenomenal audio tour as you tour the once active prison. This tour is impeccable, making history feel like reality. You felt as if you were there living through the history on Alcatraz in that very moment!

Walking though the prison and standing in the jail cells was an overwhelming and extraordinary experience. It takes my breath away when you stand there and think this was someone’s life, it was a fully active prison in our history. It is an experience I recommend everyone to have in their lifetime!

My family and I had the once in a life time opportunity to meet a former prisoner on Alcatraz; Bill Baker. Many prisoners were sent to Alcatraz for escaping other prisons, Bill was one of those men. Bill wrote a book about his time on Alcatraz, Alcatraz-1259 we were able to purchase a book and have Bill sign it. It was a surprising and exceptional opportunity to meet someone who was in-prisoned on the island. It’s an experience I am very grateful to have had!

As we continued on through the city of San Francisco we made a stop to see the famous Painted Ladies. These are the row of houses featured in the show many of us grew up with, Full House.

Another famous movie house is right around the corner, the house from Mrs. Doubtfire. We unfortunately found out about this later on and did get the chance to visit it.

While I was researching places to go in San Francisco prior to our trip, I came across a series of mosaic stairways. These are somewhat of a hidden gem of the city. The artist created them to remember individuals and loved ones within the various towns they are located. Each mosaic tile is engraved with a name of a member of the community. This is such a unique and beautiful idea. Seeing these steps was breathtaking, and the amount of work to create them is unimaginable.

We said our goodbyes to the city of San Francisco and headed back towards our hotel. First the first time throughout our entire trip, it was clear enough to see the Golden Gate Bridge! So of course we had to stop and have a photo shoot!

On our way back we made a stop in the town of Sausalito for our last dinner. We ate at cute family owned deli, and the food was to die for. It made for the perfect last meal!

Once back in the town of Petaluma, we took one last stroll through town. We came across the well-known Petaluma Pie Company, where we enjoyed an absolute scrumptious piece of Banana Creme Pie together. We sat in a little courtyard enjoying our piece of pie, reminiscing on our favorite moments throughout our trip!

I am so grateful I had the opportunity to go on this adventure with my family. It has been so long since we had the chance to do so. It was nice to spend quality time away with my family, creating tons of new memories!

I hope you enjoyed reading about our time exploring California and I hope you all get the opportunity to visit some of the places we did!

Best wishes!


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