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Learning to Enjoy the Present

In one of my previous posts, New Month, New Goals, I shared with you all some of my goals and intentions for October! One of the biggest goals I hope to work towards achieving is living in the present and enjoying the journey life as given me.

I have always been that girl who crams her day from start to finish with endless to-do’s. I made sure my mind and body were occupied at all times.

Our own mind can be a blessing and a curse. When it comes to school and my career, my mind is my number one tool, but in the matter of minutes it can become my own worse enemy.

I pack my days with endless activities running from one thing to the next, allowing the busyness to block my mind.

I have a mind that runs in circles, spinning out of control, remembering random details. A mind that whirls in the middle of the night over-analyzing everything. I guess you could call it crazy brain.

My own thoughts would bring me to a place of darkness and destruction, focusing on the events of yesterday or tomorrow’s to-do’s, rather than on the most important factor; right here right now!

I ran from the darkness by keeping busy. Having a jammed pack schedule allowed no time to think, no time for the darkness to creep over me. I avoided the “crazy brain” at any cost.

You can’t out run the darkness though. One day I finally realized that, the darkness had beaten me to the ground and it was time for me to stand back up again, starting a new journey in life.

A journey that didn’t involve running, but one that involved silence, peace, and the present moment. 

It’s a slow journey, learning to stop worrying about the future and the past; things which are out of my control. It can be terrifying at time, but you use that fear to push you, make you stronger.

Focusing on the present, and enjoying what life has given me right here and right now is a journey I am beginning to love, it is not scary anymore. It has help melt away the many anxieties I caused by continually running and allowing the “crazy brain” to win.

But, “crazy brain” is no more. Becca is in control now, and she is loving life and all it has to offer!

It’s easy to get caught up in your own thoughts and let the darkness sweep over, worrying about things which are out of our own control.

Focus on the present, that it what is important. That is place you can make the biggest difference! Enjoy the process, no matter what. Life always has a way of working out!

6 thoughts on “Learning to Enjoy the Present”

  1. I completely agree! I am struggling with this right now, as I am starting a 6month long distance with my husband. But I really want to focus on living in the present and not stress about things in the future.

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    1. I too have experienced a long distance relationship, and it’s tough because you are always looking at the future and counting down the days til you can see each other again. Balance is key though, and be able to enjoy the here and now while you are apart!


  2. My boyfriend always telling me to not overthink things and just enjoy the present. He is right, I am only wasting time and not enjoying what I have in the present.

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    1. It is difficult, it’s so easy to sit and wallow in what could have been or what will be, but what really matters it what is right now!


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