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Take a Chance

Happy Monday everyone! I hope you had a wonderful weekend and were able to fill it with tons of memories much like I was able to! I wanted to start off this week with a little motivation for you all, but also a thought that has been on my mind lately too! I’ll keep it short and simple!

What if you choose to accept an offer or an opportunity, but then make a mistake? What if you choose to finally talk to that certain someone, but say something foolish? What if you screw up completely?

What will happen?

You will have experience, you will be able to say you took a chance and you tried. Life is all about taking a chance. When you take that chance, you know you are better prepared the next time an opportunity arises, and there is a huge possibility you will succeed.

Who are we to avoid opportunities or say “no”, making judgements of the “what if’s” when we honestly have no idea what the turn out will actually be.

Okay yes, you may fall, you may stumble, you may say the most foolish thing on the planet, but you tried. You took the chance to see the true outcome, not judging what it could have been. The most important part if you fall, stumble or say something ridiculous is that you LEARN. We learn from experience, and how can we do such a thing if we don’t take those chances.

Take that chance this week. Accept that opportunity, say yes to a new experience, say what you always wanted to that certain someone! You never know what will be on the other side!




10 thoughts on “Take a Chance”

  1. awesome message for any time we feel down, need a new start, starting something new or just simply telling someone or our selves that it will be ok get out there do the best that we can and never give up. Thank you for such a worthy message

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