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A Note to the College Student

Hey everyone! Yes, I’m back! Sorry for being MIA recently! It has been crazy at school, I think crazy might be an understatement though.

Life as a graduate student is not always butterflies and rainbows. This past week was one of those times.

1 week, 3 exams, 3 competencies, 1 quiz and you still have to find the time to be a human somewhere in between. Finding the time to study for everything and the time to take care of yourself seems nearly impossible. I began to drown myself in endless worries.

After the week I had, it got me thinking….

School is not life, only a small chapter in our journey. It does not define who we are or who we are going to be.

As students, we base our lives around grades. We begin to revolve everything around achieving this fantasy of perfection, but that’s all it is a fantasy.

Grades are a number, a letter, nothing more nothing less. They do not deserve the convoluted definition we have given them. Whether you receive an A, B, C, D or Z it is just a letter it will never define who you are or who you are going to become.

Now I am not disgracing those who achieve a “perfect” score, props to you, many of us wish we could be that person who scores highly on any exam. But to those who feel they aren’t enough because of how you scored, do not let the comparison of other’s define who you are and the worth of you own successes.

This became crystal clear to me this week. When you have a week jumping from one exam to the next, focusing all your energy into only achieving a certain number and constantly comparing yourself to your peers around you,  it makes it damn near impossible to learn, and you begin to lose who you truly are.

After this week I learned what it means to be a “college student”. Education is not about the number at the end. School is meant to educate us. It’s not about the exams we take, the grades we make, but rather the knowledge and growth we learn while here.

Of course there are times I receive a grade back and am less than disappointed, but you breathe it in and back out. Take it as a learning experience. We cannot learn and grow without making mistakes. How can I expect myself to be an exceptional physical therapist without making mistakes in the classroom, where it is the prime environment for growth. I know I’d much rather make the mistake here and grow from it, than with a patient in the future.

Do not let a mark on sheet of paper define your current, or future success. That test does not showcase the hours of hard work and studying for multiple courses. They do not display the improvement you’ve made from your last exam. They are not demonstrating how much you make the people around you proud. That test does not define you, your worth or your success.

This is the time of our lives we are meant to enjoy it, not be buried in a textbook for days on end. Tests and grades are a minor part of our college journey and we cannot let them define who we are and control our lives.

Remember, you are you, not the letter or number on your paper. Give everything your best and you will never fail!

Best wishes to all my college students!


32 thoughts on “A Note to the College Student”

  1. This is fabulous. The entire college experience is so much more than just the grade you receive. All that hard work is so worth it and many years later you’ll look back and likely not even remember the actual grade!

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  2. “School is not life, only a small chapter in our journey. It does not define who we are or who we are going to be.”

    THIS! THIS is sooooooooooo important. Thank you. I been telling my sister, who is sweating bullets about grades and making friends, this because she cries each week (she wants her roommates to love her, she wants friends to come to her, she wants to be perfect) because what she wants isn’t coming to her easily.

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    1. I understand where your sister is coming from 100%. We strive to please everyone, and be this “perfect” human to everyone we cross paths with, but it is just not possible! Be you and so your best, is all we can ask of ourselves! Wishing you all the best with your sister!

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  3. This quickly summarizes what college education is about. I like what you said that school is not about numbers. Goodluck with your exams and school activities.

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  4. These are awesome thoughts. I was that girl in college that HAD to get straight As all the time, but at the end of the day, it doesn’t really matter. I graduated with my Master’s in 2010, and my college GPA means nothing to me now all these years later.

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    1. Exactly, in the moment it seems like all that matters are grades, but in reality it really is not the soul of college and learning, and even 1 year from now they will not mean anything! Best wishes!

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  5. Hi Becca! I can totally relate! I’m 39 now, but back when I was in HS & College- I was just so focused on doing well on tests and getting the grade. I can tell you know, that I stressed WAY too much about it, and probably did not absorb the material as I should have. I’m glad you are realizing this earlier in life. Expectations can be so high and unrealistic sometimes. Beautiful article- I’m sure you will go far in whatever path you choose!

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    1. Thank you so much for your insight! I greatly appreciate your kind words! I wish you all the best in whatever journey you are currently on or looking to go on in life!

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  6. Hi Becca, what a beautiful and inspiring post – thank you so much for sharing! It came at a good time for me also, when I am feeling overwhelmed. Thanks for the reminder that grades are not everything! 🙂

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    1. Thank you so much, I am so glad this post reached you at the perfect time! Just remember one thing at a time, and always do your best! Best wishes to you!

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