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From Bitterness to Forgiveness

Hi everyone! I hope November has been treating you great, bringing you countless blessings!

One thing I have been trying to do more of this November is spend more time reading. Whether its a good book or a research article on my profession; I’ve been trying to dedicate more time each day lost in the art of literature!

Currently, I am reading Gray Matter by David Levy. This book explores a Neurosurgeon’s journey of how he began to discover faith with his patients both before and after surgery. (I highly recommend it, it is such a great read! I can’t put it down!)

While I was reading the other night, there was one quote which hit me hard, truly speaking to me. It read;

“Bitterness is like an acid that eats it’s container.”

Life is a series of uplifting moments and moments of hardship and hurt. It is in those moments of hurt we become bitter, finding every excuse to stay angry at a person or situation.

Whether it was a relationship that didn’t work out, a family member or a close friend who hurt us deeply we choose to stay angry at this person, placing blame anywhere but our own selves.

We refuse to forgive.

But like this quotes states, that bitterness eats away at us. It causes us more pain in the end, turning our souls dark and resentful.

This quote truly hit my heart deep.

A few months back I went through a break-up, to put it nicely, things did not end well for many of reasons. I felt betrayed, discarded and generally hurt. It was in that moment I chose anger and hate.

As time went on, the anger and hatred grew. I placed blame any place I could. I thought the hate would protect me, somewhat like a wall. But, it did the exact opposite. Staying angry and bitter only hurt me more; mentally, physically, and emotionally.

Then one day it hit me. I realized I could no longer be angry. I had drained myself from staying bitter as long as I had. I depleted my energy and this was beginning to tap into happiness.

It was in that moment I choose forgiveness.

Forgiveness is a dynamic process, it is not a matter of “forgive and forget” as many of us like to think. Just because I choose forgiveness in that moment does mean I felt a rush of relief. It took time. Just as it takes time for a wound to heal, so does learning to forgive.

As I embarked on the journey of forgiveness, I learned the incredible power it possesses. As I began to forgive not only my partner, but myself as well I found a sense of peace.

I was able to love and enjoy life again, finding happiness in every day again. My soul began to shine over the darkness I had created.

Bitterness can be the ultimate destroyer in our lives, but forgiveness is much more powerful.

The act of forgiving goes behind the power to heal, it can help us regain our own-well being again! Much like it did in my own life!


7 thoughts on “From Bitterness to Forgiveness”

  1. It is in our benefit to forgive. When we don’t we truly become bitter and can destroy our own lives. It is a choice we have to make. I am not saying it easy but when we do, we find a new lease on life. In my case I was empowered by God to forgive. I asked him to help when I found I wanted to hold on to the hurt and pain, and He did. I wrote about it in my book “Splendor from Ashes” which can be found on Amazon.
    It is incredulous that someone as young as you would take such a mature stance.

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    1. I could not agree with you more. It is up to us to make that choice. I will definitely take a look at your book, thanks for sharing with me! Best wishes!


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