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Mahalo Maui

In a blink of an eye I went from my toes buried in the sands of Maui to my face buried in textbooks in Slippery Rock. And now back to reality.

Living on the island of Maui for the past month was a monumental period in my life.

When I first received the news I would be traveling to Maui for my five-week clinical rotation in Physical Therapy, I was brimming with emotions! I was grinning with joy, but the butterflies were beginning to flutter.

As excited as I was to be heading to Maui, I was also incredibly anxious. I would be traveling half way around the world, alone. I had mixed emotions traveling alone for this extended period of time. Would I be able to handle the distance of being by myself? Would I make friends? What would I do for 5 weeks with just myself? These were all thoughts which drifted through my head.

The next thing I knew I was boarding my plane, fears and all, to the islands of paradise.

Spending a month traveling the wonders of Maui me, myself and I was a life-altering experience.

I was able to blossom there! I tackled my fear of traveling alone, adventuring the entire island. From hiking volcanoes to diving off cliffs into the pacific. In all I did I tried to embrace the time I had with myself. Taking in the breathtaking beauty all around me!

There have not been many times in my life which I have been able to sit and say how proud I am of myself. I have always been a self-critical person, belittling many of my achievements. Though, this was an experience I am beyond proud I leaped into!

I grew as a person. Learning I am a whole lot stronger than I ever give myself credit for. I am proud I took the biggest step outside my comfort zone, traveling across the country to an unknown destination. I found a new love in traveling and a new love for Becca. For if I hadn’t accepted the offer to go to Maui, I would not have all the extraordinary memories, experiences and knowledge which I now have today.

Mahalo (“thank you” in hawaiian) Maui for opening new doors in my life and sharing your oh so incredible beauty!

On to the next adventure….

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