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Welcome Every Emotion with Open Arms

Have you ever felt completely lost and out of control of your own emotions? Some days just feel absolutely terrible. Your mind is spinning out of control, replaying the same scene over and over.

Maybe it was a bunch of little things that built up throughout the day making us feel beat down. Or maybe it was a really, really, REALLY big event or occurrence which can turn the sweetest of days sour in the blink of a second.

I was expressing to my best friend recently that I have been struggling to not give my emotions full control.

I have had a lot of changes occur in my life over the past few weeks. Change is not something I handle well. (but, I am working on that) Between coming back from Hawaii, getting back into the groove of graduate school and struggling to deal with a past relationship, my life began to feel overwhelming and full of negative energy. I guess one could say I became very much like Eeyore.

“The sky has finally fallen. Always knew it would.” ~Eeyore

All of these changes came with a whirl wind of emotions and I began to let them consume Becca.

After sharing this with my best friend she shared with me a little poem by Rumi. This poem truly spoke to me.
The Guest House by Rumi

Every morning of our lives is a new arrival to us, each one different. The emotions that come with each new arrival are simply just a guest.

We welcome them in and acknowledge their being, no matter how destructive or saddening they may be. But, remember! They are just guests. That is all. They are not here to stay.

Look at those unexpected unpleasant emotions at a new perspective, but it’s important to remember to not let them consume you, they are only temporary.

Learn to be grateful for these disruptive guests in our lives. Everything in our lives happens for one reason or another, even these unpleasant ones. Acknowledge them, let them guide you to the next new arrival, then let them go.

By looking at these destructive guests from a new perspective full of gratitude and laughter, we take away their ability to consume our lives of negativity.

These emotions do not deserve the power and attention we often give them. They need no more than to be noticed and let go.

Release yourself from the negative energy and learn to welcome guests with open arms, but remember to let them go, they are not here to stay.

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