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Journey to the Emerald Isle

And the adventure continues…

Next stop, across the pond to the Emerald Isle. Twenty-two of my class mates and I traveled to the country of Ireland for our spring break. Many memories were made throughout our entire trip! I couldn’t have asked for a better group of individuals to go on this next adventure with!

This was my first time not only traveling to Europe, but also my first time traveling to another country outside of North America. We were welcomed to the lovely Emerald Isle by what would you know, RAIN! Despite the rain, our arrival into the city of Dublin was stunning.

The first of many differences we experienced was how they drive on the opposite side of the road! This was mind-boggling at first and quite scary, kept thinking cars were going to drive right into you. Oh, and don’t forget to look right first when crossing the street! Be sure you know your metric system too.

As we traveled out of the city limits into the country side, we were greeted by a vast sea of green. It spanned for endless miles, fields of the greenest grass I have ever seen. A huge difference from the gloomy, grey Slippery Rock.

The first stop on our journey was a walking tour of the historic city of Kilkenny. Here’s a very quick Gaelic vocabulary lesson: the prefix of “kil-” has the meaning of church. That being said the city of Kilkenny is also know as the Church of Cainneach. The history of this town reaches as far back as the early sixth century and filled with Irish history. The modern Kilkenny is the home to Smithwick’s brewing and the famous Kyteler’s Inn. This is a medival pub and one of the oldest in Ireland. The inn is supposedly haunted by Alice de Kyteler, who was the daughter of the original owner and was accused of witchcraft in the thirteenth century.

Next on our day was exploring our first of many castles, the Rock of Cashel in the town of Cahir. This castle was the home to the king of Munster; the southern province of Ireland, for many centuries. The structure of this building was impeccable. I am amazed by the infrastructure of these building given the time period which they were built. I find it truly astounding how castles much like this one are still standing today!

Our first traditional Irish dinner together was held the Shamrock Lounge in the town of Cahir. This was a great way to end our first day together on the island. We laughed, sharing countless stories surrounding a table full of delicious food! Cahir is quaint little town in the southern portion of Ireland, though we did not spend much time here it was a great first stay on our journey through Ireland!

My first day in Ireland was one to remember, full of brand new memories and many more to come! I am constantly in awe by the beauty this country offers as we travel among its lands!

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