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Moher Risk, Moher Fun

In my last post, Journey to the Emerald Isle you joined me as I traveled across the pond to the country of Ireland.

As we continued our journey, saying our goodbyes to the City of Cahir, we headed west towards the Cliffs of Moher. This was the first of many spectacular views throughout our time on the island.

As an iconic landmark to the country of Ireland, these cliffs leave you truly speechless. With nearly a 700 foot drop into the Atlantic the views are breathtaking. As you walk along the clifftop, the staggering height of the striated stone reaches far down into the wild Atlantic waves and sea spray hits you filling the air with invigorating freshness of the ocean waters. It’s hard not to feel brave and humble as you traverse across the cliffs conquering the blustery winds.

The Cliffs of Moher, Ireland

This incredible work of nature took my breath away. Despite the whipping winds, birds soar among the cliffs diving into the powerful ocean waves below. Visiting the cliffs was sure to be a highlight of my trip and memory to last me a lifetime!

Next, we traveled to one of Ireland’s six national parks; The Burren. Coming from the Irish word “Borieann” meaning rocky place, it surely fits this description! With the lack of soil, these lands are exposed by limestone pavement. Though soil may be scarce the land is filled with a vast variety of grass and floral species, creating blankets of green between the fields of stone.

Moving away from the country side, we traveled toward the city of Galway. Wow, what a neat city. Walking up and down these city streets you were struck by the strong European culture flowing through the heart of the city.

City streets are lined with colorful shops and pubs. Flags gust in the winds of the night and lights dazzle throughout, crisscrossing from building to building!

Galway, Ireland

Our night in Galway was one surely to be remembered by many of us! This was the first night on our trip we had the opportunity to roam the city and experience the night life as if we were a local. The night was young, and we found ourselves at a popular pub known as The Quay’s. We danced the night away to phenomenal band into the early hours of the morning, creating memories and stories to last us a lifetime!

Our night came to end, or shall I say our next day was only beginning, we hit the hay taking what seemed like only a nap and headed onward to the next part of our Journey; Northern Ireland!

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