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When in Dublin

Hi everyone! I know I’ve been slacking on getting posts out to you all, but I wanted to be sure I finished sharing my adventure though Ireland!

In my previous post, Two days in Northern Ireland, you experienced the wonders and strong history of Northern Ireland. Next, we were off to Dublin!

To start off our 3 day excursion through the city of Dublin we made our way to the famous, Trinity College.

Located at the heart of Dublin, Trinity College is well known for it’s beautiful campus and the oldest high-level educational institution in the country. One of the more remarkable points on the campus is The Book of Kells. If I’m being completely honest I had no idea what the significance of this book was prior. I really need to brush up on my history! The Book of Kells is a 9th century manuscript, documenting the four gospels of the Old Testament. It is one of Ireland’s greatest cultural treasures and one of the world’s most famous medieval manuscripts.

One might also recognize the famous Library Building at Trinity College. The magnificent long room is lined with towering oak bookcases, filled with more than 200,000 of the Library’s oldest books.

Towering Oak Bookcases of Trinity Library

Can you name the movie which this library is infamous for? This library was the inspiration for Harry Potter’s Hogwarts. See the resemblance?

As we continued our way through the city we found our selves in the heart of Dublin’s social life, Grafton Street.

Bordered by architecturally rich townhouses, with street level shops this narrow street connects two of Dublin’s greatest landmarks; Stephen’s Green and the grand entrance to trinity College. Grafton Streets’ a wonderful full of decadent aromas of freshly made pastries and full of vibrant beauty with fresh cut flowers around every corner. 

This was one of my favorite highlights of Dublin, it’s the place to go to shop, dine or simply hang out and enjoy the cheerfulness of the city. 

The highlight of the day for many of my fellow travelers was touring the Guinness Storehouse. As you traverse the seven story building, shaped as a pint glass you travel through the making of Ireland’s famous Guinness beer! From the milling of wheat to their famous marketing expertise, you felt apart of the history. As you reached the top and final floor you were met with a remarkable skyline view of Dublin as you entered the gravity bar. It was here you can enjoy that awaited pint of beer or just take a cute picture with it!

if you’re looking for a good pub full of delicious food and authentic entertainment, check out Bar Murray’s. We enjoyed a delectable dinner coupled with remarkable Irish music. The scenery and feel of this pub was fun and uplifting; a great place for my peers and I to bond over good food and great entertainment in Ireland. 

Bar Murray’s, Dublin

Day 2

As we continued our time in Dublin, we started our day off with a bus tour of the city. Seeing everything from the iconic modern corporate business strip to the largest enclosed public park in Europe; Phoenix Park. This park is home to the Dublin Zoo, as well as the house of Ireland’s president and the United States Ambassador’s house. With nearly 1,700 acres of greenery, you’ll be sure to see many Dubliners adventuring throughout the park. 

Next on our itinerary was what everyone has been waiting for; the Jameson Distillery. I mean who doesn’t want to have a few shots of whiskey at 11 in the morning, when in Dublin right?

Now, I am not much of whiskey person, or any alcohol for that matter, but this truly was a phenomenal experience. We had a personal tour through the distillery, and a special shout out to our tour guide, Karl with a K for making our experience unforgettable. Karl took us along the journey of the making of Jameson. From the milling of the barley to the well-known bottles we see today. I highly recommend checking out the distillery even if you are not a whiskey person, it’s a great and memorable experience plus you get some free whiskey!

The remainder of the day was ours to enjoy. We wandered around the city, finding hidden gems up and down city streets. We headed down to the famous Temple Bar enjoying our late afternoon Irish Coffee.

Day 3

As our time in Ireland comes to a close we spent our last day connecting with students from Dublin City University, the youngest university in Ireland. It was such a wonderful opportunity to be able to connect and interact with students from another country, learning the similarities and differences between our educational systems. We also had the chance to listen to a few of the graduate students research studies, whom are pursuing their doctorates in Exercise Physiology.

Slippery Rock University DPT Class of 2020 with DCU Students

In the afternoon we had the incredible opportunity to get an inside look at Ireland’s National Rehabilitation Hospital. This was one of my favorite experiences in Ireland. We were able to experience hands on what their healthcare and rehabilitation is like compared to that in the states. It was such a remarkable learning opportunity, as we all continue our journey as aspiring physical therapists.

Our time in Ireland is quickly coming to end, but what better way to end our adventure together then a cheerful, memorable family dinner together. Our last night together was spent at the renowned Merry Ploughboys. This is a MUST, when in Dublin. We devoured our delicious three course meal as we were entertained by the Merry Ploughboys themselves followed by some incredible irish dancers. We could not have asked for a better night to end our time in Ireland together.

Thank you for all the memories Ireland, it was truly the trip of a lifetime. I hope you all get to experience the beautiful country one day as well!

Until the next Adventure,

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  1. I’ll have to pin this for later. I was so disappointed the last time I went to Dublin. Mainly because we just didn’t have enough time to see everything and also because there is so much to see. I just didn’t expect that I would need at least 2 days to see everything. I will definitely follow some of your tips. We were only really able to get to the Guinness factory which was awesome and the Temple Bar area. 😦

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    1. I’m glad you found my post helpful! I hope you enjoy your time in Ireland and any other adventures you may have planned for the year!


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