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What I Learned After My First Bikini Competition

As you all know, I labeled 2019 as the year of adventures for Becca. And man what a year it has been and it’s only April!

One of the craziest adventures of the year thus far was competing in my first bikini competition. This was the most spontaneous decision I have probably ever made in my life. With only 6 weeks to prep, I hustled down and was ready to give this show my all.

Pre-Judging in the Ms. SRU Bodybuilding Competition

With a degree in Exercise Science, I’ve always had a major passion for health and fitness. Some may call me a fitness nerd, but never in a million years did I think I would be competing in a body building competition; I would have told you you were crazy.

I decided to go at this; me, myself and I. I had absolutely no idea what I was doing, but day by day I learned something new and was determined to give it my all, even if that meant failing along the way.

Those 6 weeks leading up to the show, were probably some of the toughest weeks I’ve experienced. Some days it took every ounce of self discipline in me to go to the gym, get my workouts in and stick to my meal plan, not giving into your cravings.

Despite the struggles, it truly was an empowering experience. Therefore, I wanted to take the time to share with you all the many lessons prepping for my first bikini competition has taught me.


I’ve always love the concept of weightlifting. Going to the gym and lifting heavier weights made me feel like a lion. But this was a whole other challenge. I had 6 weeks, just 42 days to prepare myself physically, mentally and emotionally for this show.

Physiologically I knew it was nearly impossible that I’d be gaining any sort of muscle prior to competing, that being said my biggest goal was to become as lean as I could. This meant weightlifting was no longer my number one ally; nutrition and cardio are.

During these 6 weeks, my diet took a complete 360. I needed to lower my body fat to 8-10%. As you can probably already imagine the diet was pretty miserable. I lowered my calories each week, adjusting my macros accordingly eventually reaching a ridiculous 800 calories per day limit during peak week. All this was to ensure my leanness and have the most muscle definition I could, which meant I’b be ‘hangry’ most of my days.

My point here is, this is by no means easy and can quickly become borderline unhealthy that is why it is important to do the most research possible and listen to your body. It requires an insane amount of self discipline, an amount I never thought I had.

I was amazed at times by my strength and determination not to give in to the temptations around you, especially as a college student. Meal prepping surely becomes your best friend through this process. I learned a whole new level of self-discipline throughout this adventure. It gave me a much greater appreciation for food, especially ice cream! After those 6 weeks, I have never tasted anything better!

Though the weeks were tough, and sacrifices were made, it’s the end results which make all of it worth it!

“Do it for the Reese’s!”

Confidence Like No Other

I went into this competition blind as a bat. I had absolutely no idea what I had gotten my self into. As the weeks decreased and the competition came nearer, my anxiety began to sky rocket. All I could think was, there was absolutely no way I was going to be able to get on that stage and shine with confidence.

It’s about the experience and having fun right? Yes, of course! But it’s quite easy to get inside your head and let your thoughts begin to take over. In those final weeks of prep I was constantly reminding myself this was all about the journey and to just go out on that stage and have fun.

You tube became my best friend as I practiced posing and learned how to be a female again in my house’s living room. I did my best and learned what I could, asking my roommates for any critiques they could possibly provide me.

Next thing I knew it was time to walk up on that stage and give it my all. This was way outside of my comfort zone on all levels, but I put on those heels and strutted out onto the stage.

Being on stage was absolutely exhilarating! Walking out to a full crowd of people with practically every inch of skin visible on your body and knowing there are judges out there critiquing your every move is terrifying. But you put on a smile and walk that stage glowing in confidence.

This was one of the most eye-opening experiencing for me. It is truly incredible to see the potential of your body when you push it past it’s limits! This adventure had it’s ups and downs, but it truly was worth every ache and pain!

You can do absolutely ANYTHING you put your mind to! I live my life seeking adventures and recommend everyone to do one thing that scares you every once in awhile. This was mine! What will be yours?

Best Wishes,

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