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Halfway Check-In: How are Your 2019 Goals Going?

Happy June all! How is it already June? I swear 2019 just started yesterday! Does anyone else feel this year is flying by?

When 2019 first approached, I defined it as the year of adventure for Becca and boy has it been one crazy adventure.

From living in the paradise of Hawaii to traversing the great lands of Ireland to competing in my first body building competition and now finishing my last semester at Slippery Rock after 5 very long years and so much more in between!

This year has already been full of some really great experiences and I cannot wait to see what the other half of the year has in store for me!

Many of us at the beginning of every year set “new year’s resolutions” and sometimes we stick to them and sometimes well, they seem to fall off a cliff at some point never to be seen again.

But, it’s time for your halfway check in!

Have you stuck to your goals thus far? Did you overcome any barriers to get here? Did you create new goals along the way? Did your goal possibly disappear at some point in time?

Don’t worry if you said yes to that last question, cause guess what? ME TOO!

I had this great big plan for my blog going into 2019. I had such wonderful intentions to have multiple posts out to you all every week, sharing my wondrous adventure and life lessons with you all. Well, as you all can see that did not happen. After managing two of THE hardest semesters in grad school, I was exhausted and had barely any time to take for myself. This meant that some things had to be pushed to the side temporarily, unfortunately that meant my blog!

Okay, so I did not meet one of my goals I had originally set. But, this is okay, this is life. We are hit with unexpected twists and turns every single day. It’s okay to get off track, sometimes our priorities are needed else where, for me that was school!

Before we except defeat though, the year is NOT over yet. We still have the whole other half to turn things around! So what are we going to change to ensure we reach our goals this 2019?

I truly hope to get more weekly content out to you all! That is my goal! Even if that means I block out specific times in my planner for blogging – which will probably be what I change to make sure I don’t fall off the cliff again!

Now, this is a goal which is important to me and one I would like to achieve. I think this is an important thought to think about during your halfway check-in. How important was your goal to you? Is this a factor in why it might have fallen off the cliff? If so, take some time to dig deeper. What is something you really want to accomplish in the next 6 months? When there’s deeper meaning behind your goal, self motivation truly kicks in!

Have you achieved your goals this 2019? Or have you fallen off the cliff like me? If so, what’s your action plan to get back to it? Let me know in the comments below! Would love to hear your 2019 goal stories! Were all in this together!

Best Wishes,

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