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The Precious Gift of Life

Enjoy life, it has an expiration date.

Zayn Malik

What if you knew your expiration date? Would you change the way you live your life?

I guarantee a majority of us answered yes to that question. It is crazy to think when we are given a timeline and a specific number of days which we have to live, we completely change our outlook on life.

Why have we not been living life to fullest since day one? We are never promised tomorrow, next week, next year. Each day we have here on this Earth is a precious gift.

I recently had the amazing opportunity to hear a guest speaker in one of my classes discuss his current battle with stage 4 lung cancer. Diagnosed at only 31 years old with a 3 year old son, he is the most positive and uplifting human I have ever met. He was faced with the biggest battle any one should have to fight in life. Despite his odds, he never once gave up an ounce of hope.

Chris’s story was so powerful and moving, with every curve ball thrown his way his positivity never drifted. As he expressed to us the important lessons his cancer journey has taught him, one stood out to me the most. His ability to find a true appreciation in the preciousness of life. He was given an expiration date, a 3% percent chance to live 4 months. He said it was in that moment he realized the true importance of life, and from there forward he knew he would live every day to the fullest to the best of his ability. Now, nearly 8 months after receiving these odds he has not only beaten them but has achieved accomplishments he never thought possible. Chris found refuge in the gym during his recovery. Having the ability to lift weights not only affected him physically but emotionally regaining his confidence! He will now be competing in first power-lifting competition in just a few short weeks!

For Chris, it took a catastrophe to happen in his life for this realization to be made and for most people it does take a tragedy. But what if we start living right now.

It’s easy to lose sight of what is important in our daily lives. In a world which thrives on hustle and bustle, its hard to take a step away and realize all that we have in our lives. We flourish on complaining about the most trivial details. We either wish we had more, as if what we already have is not good enough or we sit and wait telling ourselves that things will just get better. The next thing we know years have passed by and countless opportunities have been missed.

But, the fact of the matter is that we have no idea what life is going to bring us. We are not guaranteed tomorrow. We need to return ourselves to the mindset as if we knew our expiration date, then things will begin to fall into perspective.

Although this may be a very scary thought, it is necessary to understand the fragility of life. Each day we are given countless blessings, many of which we look right past. That hug from dad, that call from your best friend, the beautiful sunshine. The list goes on, but my point being take a minute and enjoy every thing you have right in front of you, right here, right now because that is what matters most!

Each day is a gift, and we should treat them as just that. Enjoy what is happening NOW and appreciate EVERYTHING in your life. Don’t wait to live and definitely don’t wait to love!

Best Wishes,

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