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What’s Your Personality?

Happy Saturday! I received an incredible amount of great feedback from you all about my recent post, Understanding the Rare INFJ Personality. It was wonderful to hear from other INFJ’s out there and how you could relate in a variety of ways. It is reassuring to know we are not alone in this world and there are others out there feeling the same way we are!

We all know many of the surface level characteristics to our personalities; our weird quirks, our pet-peeves or our strengths. But knowing your personality on a deeper extent can be beneficial in more ways than one.

Benefits of Knowing Your Personality Type

When you dig deeper into your own personality you may discover aspects of which you were unaware before and you may develop a better understanding of who you are and why you do the things you do.

Not only will you gain a better understanding of yourself, you will attain a better understanding and appreciation for others’ personalities. With every personality comes a different way to react and perceive each life scenario and having the ability to understand these differences can be a great attribute.

When it comes to personality types I think it’s important to remember no personality is better than another! We don’t want to fall into the trap of believing everyone shares the same views, opinions, attitudes or traits as us. We are all different and that is was makes each of us wonderful. The ability to take a glimpse into other personalities can be an eye-opening experience.

Understanding the core traits of our own personality and having a general understanding of others can be incredibly valuable in any relationship. Whether it be in our everyday interactions with people, our relationship with co-workers or our relationship with significant others; by better knowing each other’s personality traits you can better respond to the needs of those in your life while building stronger partnerships.

So in this post I wanted to share some of my favorite personality tests for each aspect of your life: general personality, work and love life!

Myers-Briggs Type Indicator

If you are looking to learn more about yourself and get a deeper understanding of who you truly are, this is my absolute FAVORITE!

This test was developed by Carl Jung and is based on the theory that our basic differences are due to the way we prefer to use our perception and judgement. This can provide us insight on how we perceive the world around us and how we make decisions.

After taking the questionnaire each person will identify with one of the 16 different personality types of the Myers-Briggs. This will allow you to further explore and understand your own personality including likes, dislikes, strengths, weaknesses, possible career paths and whom we are most compatible.

Here’s a brief breakdown of the components:

Breakdown of the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator Components

In my last post you all learned how I am an INFJ, one of the most rare personalty types! Want to know which personality type you are take the test at 16 Personalities.

5 Love Languages

When it comes to personal intimate relationships this test is a MUST. We all express and feel love differently, and being able to understand those differences can make a serious impact on any relationship.

The “Five Love Languages” was developed by Gary Chapman and he expresses some scary truisms in his book about the different languages. Chapman believes there are “five ways which people speak and understand emotional love”. You’re probably wondering what the five languages are, so here’s a brief description of them…

  1. Words of Affirmation: expressing affection through spoken words, praise or affection
  2. Acts of Service: actions, rather than words are used to express love and affection
  3. Receiving Gifts: gifts are a symbol of affection
  4. Quality Time: expressing affection through undivided, undistracted attention
  5. Physical Touch: no it doesn’t have to be sex, it can be as simple as holding hand, but here the speaker feels affection through the sense of touch

After taking the test, each of these are rated and ranked based on greatest importance to you. It’s vital to know your own languages to be able to express affection to your partner, but it is even more important to have a thorough understanding of your partner’s to be able to speak and love in their languages.

Sometimes it can be a revelation when you discover what your lover truly cares about and what they do not. You may even identify something new!

Here were my top love languages:

  • Quality Time
  • Words of Affirmation
  • Physical Touch

If you want to learn what your love language is take the test at The Five Love Languages.

DISC Personality Test

This last test can provide you more insight into your everyday personality, more specifically predicting your behavior towards others and the everyday things you do. Though, this test is most commonly used in the workforce.

The DISC is made up of four factors:

  • Dominance
  • Influence
  • Steadiness
  • Conscientiousness
DISC Personality Factors

How does the DISC help in the work force?

  • Increases your self knowledge and how you respond to various conflicts. It can also tell you what motivates you, what your stressors are and how you go about solving problems.
  • It can improve working relationships by better understanding the communication needs of the team.
  • You can manage more efficiently by better understanding the dispositions and priorities of each team member.

After taking the test, my highest rankings were the dominance and conscientiousness factors. Meaning I place high emphasis on taking action and challenging myself and others, but I do so while ensuring accuracy and maintaining stability.

If you want to learn more about the DISC or find out your results check out DISC Personality Test.

There are so many different personality tests out there which can provide us greater insight about ourselves. Though, these are just a few of my favorite. I hope this post helped offer you wisdom and that the tests help you to better appreciate yourself and those around you!

Now, what better way to start off the weekend then to spend some time working on personal development!

I’d love to here some of your personality types and if there are other tests you’ve taken which you found insightful! Drop your thoughts in a comment below!

Best Wishes,

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