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The Beginning of a New Chapter

Hi Everyone! Well the adventure of 2019 just keeps on continuing! Everyday brings me something new and am I absolutely loving every part of my journey! Here is the latest life update…

After copious amount of studying and sleepless I finally reached the light at the end of the tunnel. I received my White Coat for my Doctorate in Physical Therapy! This coat is a symbol of transitioning from the life a student in the classroom to that of a clinician.

The thought of becoming a physical therapist has been a dream of mine for as long as I can remember. I have always enjoyed learning about the human body and had a strong passion for helping others. These two characteristics made physical therapy the ideal career path for me. For many years this was all just a dream of mine and for the past five and half years I have worked incredibly hard to ensure this dream came true.

Slippery Rock University, DPT White Coat Ceremony 2019

Now, to walk up on stage and put on that white coat meant more than words could ever describe. I finally could see all my hard work pay off. I had finally reached that dream I always wished to achieve.

For anyone who knows me well, knows I am the biggest self-critic constantly downgrading my many accomplishments. But, this was a moment I have never felt more proud.

These past two semesters have been some of the hardest of my college career and it seemed as if I was never going to make it. But I never gave up, I stayed determined giving everything my best; savoring the highs and overcoming the lows.

It was an unimaginable experience walking off that stage in my fancy new accessory. No more sitting in a classroom for countless hours, no more late night cramming sessions and no more exams (except for the Boards that is). Though, behind all the excitement came a hint of sadness. This was the end of my time at Slippery Rock.

Slippery Rock will always hold a special place in my heart, but it is time for Becca to start a new chapter. From undergrad to grad school, the past five years have gifted me with endless memories, friendships and experiences all for which I am grateful for. I am happy I had the opportunity to make my mark at Slippery Rock, but I am ready to continue on in my journey moving towards bigger and better places!

I’m eager to begin the next chapter putting all I have learned to use in the clinic and striving to become the best clinician and physical therapist I can be for my patients. Watch out world because Dr. Becca will be coming for you in 2020!

Any dream is achievable, all you have to do is but your heart, mind and soul into it and the opportunities are endless!

The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.

Eleanor Roosevelt

Best Wishes,

2 thoughts on “The Beginning of a New Chapter”

  1. Such an exceptional achievement…and display! I see your joy, and I share it for you…in gratitude for all your hard work to go above and beyond even a master[s] in one of the healing arts in science.

    My greatest esteem for you. Do good works.

    My father-n-law just had shoulder replacement. He’s 81, and so…I said, rest, and also “do what the physical therapist instructs” for they would have you heal and be whole.


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