Make This Semester Your Best One Yet

The beginning of a new semester can be overwhelming, stressful and in many ways intimidating. A lot of anxiety surrounds a new set of courses; you have no idea what to expect or what is yet to come in the following weeks. With each semester you eventually fall into the same routine, becoming monotonous. You… Continue reading Make This Semester Your Best One Yet


Fear of the Unknown

What happens next? --- This is a question I have asked myself a million times if not more. Though, there is not always an answer to this question. Sometimes we don't know what happens next, leaving us in the world of the unknown. The concept of the unknown future and not knowing what will happen… Continue reading Fear of the Unknown

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The Power of Your Own Thoughts

Am I bothering them? Are they mad at me? Did I do something wrong? Am I good enough? Did I make the right decision? Can I fix it? These are just a few of the thoughts racing continuously, nonstop through my mind. Leaving me anxious, paralyzed by my own thoughts. Overthinking the littlest ideas blowing… Continue reading The Power of Your Own Thoughts