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What’s Your Personality?

Happy Saturday! I received an incredible amount of great feedback from you all about my recent post, Understanding the Rare INFJ Personality. It was wonderful to hear from other INFJ's out there and how you could relate in a variety of ways. It is reassuring to know we are not alone in this world and… Continue reading What’s Your Personality?

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The Stages of Moving On After a Relationship

Break-ups are hard. Moving on is even harder. We all experience similar stages on our journey of moving on after a devastating and destructive relationship.

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Learning to Choose Your Battles

Hi everyone! Happy Thursday! I hope you all are having a fantastic week and are as excited as I am for Friday tomorrow! I had a thought recently while having a discussion with my family. Have you ever been at a family dinner or some other gathering, and someone says that one little thing that… Continue reading Learning to Choose Your Battles

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You’re Not Stuck

Hi Everyone! I know it has been quite some time since I have wrote! I have been on my first clinical rotation in Physical Therapy school! So, it has been a crazy two weeks but I am super grateful for the experience! As you all know if I'm not doing something involving school or the… Continue reading You’re Not Stuck